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hello, beautiful soul babe!

I'm so grateful the Universe guided you here, are you ready to tap into higher versions of yourself + create a reality that you are wildly obsessed with? 

✨ I'm Nichoel! 

I've been expanding my consciousness since 2009 and the wild ride it's taken me on has been indescribable, messy, joyful, emotional, overwhelming + totally rewarding in the best ways possible. 

You see, when I was opened up to spiritual living, I was in a very dark place in myself + my life. 

learned to meditate because I could not, for the life of me, quiet my overactive, reactive, negative, erratic, fearful mind. 

I learned to process, feel + clear my emotions that were stuck + stagnant in my energy field. 

I learned to create my reality intentionally through aligning, attuning + opening my energy. 

Through this, I've created a beautiful reality for myself, I've come more + more into my soul given gifts + I've healed a lot of deep inner wounds. 

The most beautiful thing about this inner work is the mental + emotional freedom you experience on your way to becoming who you came here to be + creating the reality you came here to create! 

There is no feeling that compares to the immense inner peace you feel after healing + clearing mental patterns, stressful thought loops + stuck stagnant energy that have all been deeply embedded in your core for your entire life.

I have come to experience this inner peace + liberation at many points in my life where I was able to expand beyond my current level of consciousness + create something new and what I can tell you is, I will never stop expanding, I will never stop growing, I will never stop aligning with more of who I really am, I will never give up on deepening my sense of unconditional inner peace. 

We are ever-expansive beings. To take care of your own energy is to be an active contribution to the healing of this planet. 

When I started this spiritual journey of mine, I felt incredibly alone like no one understood me. I felt very overwhelmed at times + it took me longer to catch the energetic momentum needed to create worlds simply because I didn't have anyone to talk to or validate that my expansive, spiritual experiences wasn't just all in my head. 

This is why I've always desired to mentor beautiful souls in this way. To support you in your spiritual journey, in your awakening, in your disseverance of who you really are. I don't want to be your guru, I just want to spark the awareness that you have all the power of the Universe within you. When you tap into that, you will live very differently 




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