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What is it?

Coding Your Reality with Ease is a 7 day meditation journey designed to support you in releasing resistance, relaxing into + familiarizing your body with the energy of ease, peace, bliss + joy. Through shifting your energy in these powerful meditation attunements, you will naturally start to feel the energy of ease arising within you to emanate out into the world which will then begin to reflect back to you in your life experience. 

Life does not have to be so hard, the struggle doesn't have to be so real, the internal anxiety + fear + thoughts do not have to run your life. Your energy gets to run your life + when you take care of your energy, your energy takes care of you.


Tap into the energy of ease that is always available to you. As you allow resistance to this moment + stories about this moment fall away, naturally, your energy relaxes into ease, your consciousness expands + your vibration rises.


Your awareness of your divine nature grows stronger + you unlock access to the realm of energy that is all around you, emanating from you + reflecting back to you.


In this journey, we are letting go of the struggle, of the fight, of the 'not enoughness' of now and tuning into a new energy of ease, peace, bliss + joy and we are intentionally coding our reality with this new energy.


As this energy deepens within you, ease, peace, bliss + joy will eventually become your new normal, internally + externally.

What's included?


Start your morning in the vibes,

aligning your energy with the theme of the day.


Complete your day with the evening meditations, 

realigning your energy as you sleep.


Morning messages, mantras,  journal prompts, enhancers + alignment

practices all curated to align with the theme of each day.


Throughout your day, you will receive 3 automated texts to support

you in deepening into the theme energy of the day. 



If you desire extra support, a mentor alongside you on your journey + custom

coaching tailored to you + your energetic blueprint while you deepen

into these codes, I am here in your pocket on Voxer to voice note all

day everyday if you choose! 


Day One

    Noticing all the ways you are not at ease, beginning the journey of awareness into   your mind, body + heart. We are not shifting it, we are noticing it. We are gently becoming aware so that as we move throughout our days, we can notice + come back to self. In the evening, we are learning how to let it all be as it is, without judgment, without fear, without needing it to change. 


'A Gentle Noticing'

'Letting it Be'


Day Two

    On this second day, we begin to tap into the openness of non resistance. As soon as we notice resistance, we are able to bring it to the light for transmutation + clearing. Resistance holds us apart not only from all that we desire but from a deep internal, unshakable peace within. When we allow it to move through us, we naturally begin to relax into a space of non-resistance while also becoming open to the knowing that everything is okay, everything is flowing as it is meant to. Which then leads us into the evening meditation, Letting Go, Into the Flow where we can feel into how relaxation + non-resistance plays a huge role in tapping into the flow of well-being.



'Relaxing into Non-Resistance'

'Letting Go, Into the Flow' 

Day Three 

    Now that resistance is starting to fall away, we can start to shift into the safety of being here now, knowing that now is all there is. The infinite now moment is your portal into ease, flow, peace + harmony. When resistance no longer has control over our mind + body, we can feel the safety of now, the support of now, the fullness of now without fearing the future, without projecting from the past, just being here now. And as we drift to sleep this night, we will feel the safety in surrender, knowing we've done enough for the day + it's time to relax fully into sleep for a full recalibration of your energy through the night.



'It's Okay to Be Here Now' 

'It is Safe to Surrender' 

Day Four

    Enoughness is a quality of energy that is always available to you. Often times, we fall out of the energy of ease when we think we need to do more, be more, have more. However, that always keeps you in the vibration of lack, need + seeking for something outside of ourselves. When we can calibrate to the energy of enoughness, we don't have to try so hard to make anything happen. We learn to be as we are, knowing we are enough as we are. Knowing we don't have to do more to receive more. We sink into the enoughness of ourselves + into the moment knowing our quality of energy now is what we are coding our next now with. If we feel enough + let it all be enough, enoughness is what will come back + it will compound into more than enough-ness as well.


'You Are Enough, Now' 

'It is All Enough, Now'


Day Five 

    Here is where we can truly start to feel the saturation + satisfaction of each now moment. If we truly know that everything is flowing as it's meant to + that our quality of energy is what is always coding our reality, then we can begin to truly tap into the magic of now, the beauty of now, the enjoyment of now, the richness of now. As your focus turns to the energy you are infusing your now moment with, you start tapping into some higher, surreal frequencies you only ever had glimpses of before + they become your new normal. Each moment becomes such a gift to receive that you can't help but to be in full joy, bliss + beauty! Not because there's some external 'reason' to feel it, but because you BEING fully here, fully now is what gives you access to it! And then that energy compounds, amplifies + expands within you, which of course, builds momentum toward more ways in which this energy reflects back to you in external ways that blow your mind.



'Fully Saturated with Joy' 

'Amplifying the Beauty' 

Day Six

    Now that you've really felt into some magical vibes, it's time to learn how to lean back in every moment, in your energy + in your day to day life. Ease is not about resting forever + never working toward something. Ease is about leaning back in your energy, knowing that you can relax in everything you're doing because it's all flowing toward your highest fulfillment, your highest reality. If you know that everything is all adding up, everything is all leading you there, everything is unfolding perfectly… then you also know there's no reason to rush, no reason to stress, no reason for pressure. It's a subtle leaned back trust in the unfolding. It also means you get to lean back in any circumstance knowing it's all part of the process + part of your expansion + development as a human. You get to tap into your personal power, holding the vibe of ease in your body in any + every moment. 


'Leaning Back + Letting it Flow'

'Infused with Personal Power' 


Day Seven

In the final day of our journey together, we will be emanating ease + effortlesslessness as our new normal! Emanate ease in everything if you do, everywhere you go, every circumstance you're in. Move with ease, grace + peace knowing everything is always okay, everything is always unfolding perfectly + as long as you're harmonizing your energy with ease now, your next now will also feel just the same + even better. Your new normal will be ease, peace, bliss + joy you will compound it again + again, then your reality will continue reflecting back to you all the richness that is aligned with your soul signature frequency. You are remembering that you were always meant to be an ever-expansive, ever-evolving, joyful human being who came here to create through vibration.


'Emanating Ease + Effortlessness'

'Coding Your New Normal' 

How can i sign up? 

PRE-SALE: $144 

*VOXER ADD-ON: $111 


*4 Bi Weekly Payments

We begin on 11/11/22

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