Let's get real.


Being in my head is an experience I'm all too familiar with in my life. My mind loves to take me on some scary wild rides that pass through worry, self doubt, fear, smallness, self criticism, replays of how I said something or if I did something embarrassing.



"What does this person think about the way I said that, oh no, do they think I'm weird? I could have said it better. I hope they're not mad at me."


"Oh my gosh, I did this embarrassing thing and everyone's going to think I'm so stupid. Ugh, I am so stupid. What's wrong with me."


"What if I'm not good enough to run these businesses and have these dreams? Who am I to have such big dreams? There's no way I could there, how would I even start? I'm too old. I'm not smart enough. I'm not talented enough. There's no way they'd hire me. There's no way I'd get the job. There are others out there so much better than me. What if everyone sees me try and then fail? Ugh that'd be so embarrassing."


"Life is so hard. I don't know how to cope. Sometimes I feel that it'd just be better if I wasn't existing. How can anything get better when everything just feels so terrible right now? I should be farther. I should be doing better. I should be able to be an adult in this world. I don't know 

what's wrong with me."



These are some of the exact thoughts that have crossed through my mind many times. Time and time again, I've listened to them, I've fallen into the tight grasps of them, I've believed them to be true, I've identified so heavily with them that I couldn't tell what was ME and what was MY MIND.


Because the fascinating + comforting truth is...


You are NOT your thoughts!


You, as a soul, as a human, as consciousness, are HAVING thoughts but you are not actually the thoughts and what's even more fascinating is that the thoughts don't even align with a real + tangible experience you're having.


You're only experiencing them in your mind + body but not in real life, these things aren't actually true, they're not actually happening. Yet, we grasp so tightly to them as if they were REAL.

Every time I fall back into the habit of believing my mind over my real experience of now, I also fall into depression. It's happened like clockwork over the years but the biggest thing these experiences have in common is my eventual re-arrival into the present moment, into my presence as a soul inhabiting a human body on planet earth.


As I deepen into this more + more, I have less + less tendency to fall back into any of those thoughts, emotions or episodes. I've learned how to integrate these new truths into my body so that I can experience it in my reality. I've learned how to attune my body to certain soul qualities + high frequencies to come more into my higher self.


Each experience of falling into my mind has given me the codes + ways to walk myself back to myself, to walk myself out of the terrifying tendencies of my mind, to walk myself out of my suffering and re-arrive to the here + now, being in my body, knowing that this moment is all that exists, knowing I am divinely plugged into the support + energy of the Universe, knowing I have this extremely potent life force energy within that is ready to explore, expand in + share my soul-given gifts with humanity.


As I'm sitting here typing this, I am deeply feeling the highest of vibrations coming through to be channeled to you. Being that I've faced very dark places in my heart, my mind + my emotions, I know what it's like to feel so utterly disconnected from yourself, from life, from your gifts + from the Universe. I know how low it can feel, I know how lonely it can feel, I know how deeply the heart breaks in those moments. And I want you to know that you don't have to feel this way, you can choose to walk yourself out of any darkness with very deep levels of self compassion. You can choose to relax + start to feel connected to the presence of your soul within you. And as this happens, you also start to feel divinely connected with life, with love, with a beautiful reality, with the Universe, with your gifts, with your people, with anything you choose.


You start to embody the highest version of yourself that does exist in you now, you just have to coax her out from underneath all the anxieties, mental narratives, fears + doubts. Your reality begins to reflect back to you the beauty that radiates through you.


Masterclass + Mini Mastermind + Meditation


This two hour masterclass, held on Zoom, is going to serve as a portal into these codes I'm channeling through. You will learn to receive these codes through your body (not the conceptual mind) so you can truly feel the shifts within. Your life force energy will be reawakened + you will fucking feel it. I'm talkin, FEEEEEL it through your whole being, through your cells, through your bones, through your energy, through every corner of your body. You will feel it + it will change you.


What will come through?


A new zest for living life in constant inner juiciness

That passion + drive to go after what you LOVE + KNOW is for you

Aliveness in your body

Soul Qualities that you CHOOSE to deepen into

A deeper connection to your intuition

A deeper connection to the flow of life

A new sense of confidence to co-create your reality with the Universe

A deeper connection to the beauty + everythingness of your current reality

A deeper connection to self

+ Potential for so much more


The Vibes?


2 Hr Masterclass (Zoom)

I want to feel your presence there with us + connect so much deeper than a live video where I'm talking to the screen only. I want you to feel loved + cared for in this container. We will do a meditation together, we will bring through powerful codes, we will feel the magic!


7 Day Voxer Group Chat

I LOVE supporting my clients in Voxer. It is SO much fun to create such magic together in the chat where you can share your experiences, your aha moments, your celebrations, your questions + anything that comes up to be healed in the moment. I am here to support each + every one of you as you learn to apply these codes to your daily life + shift your energy / thoughts / fears in real time.


Exclusive Meditation

If any of you have experienced my meditations, you know they are powerful AF. They act as pure portals into higher dimensions, higher vibrations + higher versions of yourself. I am so very intentional in how I channel, write, produce + edit these meditations. And each one I've created has completely ascended me into higher ways of being, feeling + living. This meditation will be a way to integrate + draw in all the codes that come through. You will feel the affects of this meditation each time you do it + you will expand, evolve + elevate!

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