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Deepening into Gratitude

7 Day Meditation Challenge


The meditations I have for you are designed to deepen you into the vibration of gratitude & will infuse your aura with the highest of vibrations.


Let’s light up the world, soul babes!


 We will be tuning into the frequency of gratitude throughout these 7 days in a deeper, more tangible way. When you attune yourself to this frequency, something magical happens within and you begin experiencing life at this frequency. The realities that dwell in this frequency become availalbe to you and your life starts reflecting back to you more and more to be grateful for. We also expand our capacity to receive that which amplifies our gratitude. Everything arounds us shifts and changes for the better simply because of the vibration we are offering (wholeness, satisfaction, joy, appreciation, etc).


• • •


The meditations are literal attunements into certain frequencies, the workbook is a special portal into unlocking access to those frequencies & the daily texts are mini attunements throughout the day to snap you back into certain frequencies. The frequency of gratitude & appreciation are among the highest vibrational frequencies you can tune into and draw more of into your being.


• • •


And what are the effects?

• • •

♡ Pure elation

♡ A deeper connection to your life as it is now

♡ A deeper connection to yourself as you are now

♡ A more intimate relationship with your reality

♡ An unlocking of new levels of gratitude to come your way

     through manifestations that pop into your reality

♡ A deeper glimpse into your most fulfilling reality & a

     strengthened ability to step more fully into it

♡ A sense of calm relaxation and inner wealth for all

     you currently have

♡ A deeper relationship to your spirituality & the cosmic

     grand design

♡ A greater capacity to receive more good

♡ A clearing of your channel to receive more good.

♡ A strengthened & more magnetic aura to attract all

     the beauty that’s meant for you

• • •

How do I sign up?

• • •

Just head to the Facebook Group where this challenge will be hosted, send a request and the group will open on Saturday, the day before the challenge! 

You will receive each meditation with its daily message through email as well as in the group. You will also receive the PDF workbook on Saturday where you can follow along with each daily message plus the journaling prompts, mantras + alignment practices! 

• • •

I'm so ready to raise my own vibe alongside anyone who wants to join in!