private coaching

Align your energy, release what's being held in your aura, shift who you're being in each moment, live fully as your soul in this human body on this planet earth, drop the density of the third dimensional world, rise naturally in your vibration, elevate your human experience by consciously creating from your heart center rather than from your past conditioning, allow this moment to be enough while simultaneously creating space within for more, be so connected and tuned into your energy that you know how to lead yourself in this life, be so wildly tapped into your desires that you just know where to go and what to do in alignment with those desires, face deep + dark corners of yourself and bring light + love to them, ascend to higher dimensions of experience, expand your consciousness into the highest version of yourself and beyond, tap into your soul-given gifts that are meant to be channeled through you to serve this planet, learn to heal + transmute + alchemize the energy within you to come back home to your signature soul frequency.



Dip your toes in with a single session. We will have a deep conversation, unwind what's diluting your clarity & do some inner work together on the call to clear, shift + align your energy with your soul, with the moment + with your expansion. You will be awakened into a new way of being with yourself + your energy + your reality.




Walk deeper in alignment as you are able to have someone in your back pocket ready to support you in your shifts, moment to moment. This is a potent container for healing, shifting, elevating + expanding your consciousness and your reality. When we do the work in the moment as it arises, we become powerful now, we become open to external shifts now, we elevate now. 

Experience powerful portals of inner transformation opening you up to the you that you really are, as a soul, as consciousness, as an infinite, multifaceted, expansive being! As you unwind all that is not truth, you bloom into who you truly are. As a result of this, life begins to reflect back to you every bit of bliss, openness, freedom, joy, expansion, love that you feel within.