.Passionate Path . Reality Transformation

          Align your life with your Divine Bliss




This is a three month, 90 day program that assists you in becoming the you that you are meant to be! You will discover your life purpose and I will hold you accountable in realizing it. You will create wealth beyond your wildest dreams in all areas of life. This is a brief outline of the months you will be going through, however, there is much more than I can write in this description. You will receive a 1 hour coaching call each week, on Skype, Phone or In Person which adds up to 12 calls! Of course along with a follow up at a time of your choice after the program has finished. You will also have direct email access to me with any support that you may need throughout this period of time. 


Start living a life that you cannot wait to wake up for every morning. How long will you wait to create a life of passion, fulfillment and pure Divine Bliss!


Apply now to become a client and experience the gifts and miracles the Universe is waiting to provide you with!



  • Define clearly and passionately what it is that you want in life

  • Identify & replace the beliefs that don't support these desires

  • Learn to see the lessons in your current circumstances

  • Dramatically change your thought patterns

  • Clear the clutter of your mind & be introduced to your intuition

  • Discover what alignment with your desires feels like

  • Be held accountable for your thoughts and beliefs



  • Learn to listen to and follow your intuition for self direction

  • Take inspired action on those desires you've defined

  • Stay in alignment with your desires no matter what

  • Attract to you the people, situations and circumstances needed

       to realize your dreams​

  • Learn to relax, let go of doubt and know that life has your back

  • Learn the subtle key to manifesting your reality

  • Be held accountable for your actions and alignment



  • Take life by storm with your Passionate Path

  • Be a magnet to the prosperity you deserve

  • Share your message and gifts with the world confidently

  • Live in alignment and in loving thoughts & feelings

  • Feel good about yourself, your life direction and your unique talents

  • Be surprised by the new life you have been creating

  • Hold yourself accountable for whatever else you'd like to create in life

.Sharing Experiences.

Tatiana S.

Nichoel has opened up my mind to the pure potential that I can create myself. I was able to get to the core of what has caused me so much unnecessary anxiety and depression and just let go. If I had never met her, I would still be an anxiety ridden mess aimlessly wondering around a life full of love, opportunities, and happiness. I'm glad the universe brought her into my life and I have been nothing but grateful for her guidance and support.

Bryan F.
Nichoel had a big impact on me from the moment we started talking. She allowed me to realize that in my manifestations, I was putting the intention into the universe, but I was not letting go. After all, part of manifestation is letting go, trusting, and allowing.
Now I’m a badass breathing in everything I’ve ever wanted and breathing out gratitude.