Sacred Soul Mastermind

This mastermind will be the continuation of the Autumn Sacred Soul Circle. It will keep you connected to your vision, give you the support, accountability & courage to keep you moving toward that vision and will amplify your power to create your reality the way you choose.

Expand your consciousness, open up your intuitive awareness, enhance your energetic awareness, consciously create your reality with more power & clarity than ever before, join with other powerful babes to amplify your light & power, step into the potential of your highest self in a clearer & more effortless way, be in tune with the energy of the planet, seasons & moon to give you a boost of power & magic. We are ascending and we're doing it with style.


For each New Moon & Full Moon that occurs within the Autumn Season, we will gather again for a Moon Circle which will include the vibes of those moons, a Soul Work PDF that go along with the vibes, celebrations, intentions & releases for the moons and coaching / tarot for everyone who attends.

This is the ultimate mastermind for those who desire to grow, change and ascend along with the seasons, the power boosting energies that flow on the planet (including the energy of the Autumn season itself) and getting in touch with their powerful & magical selves as well. 


This mastermind is going to be all the vibes and we are going to ascend together, create our most dreamy realities and rise into fifth dimensional awareness through the season of Autumn.

Keeping each other accountable, inspired, in tune with the energy, holding the vibes & creating the highest of realities.

The New moons always symbolize new intentions, new clarities, new visions, etc. We start over with a new cycle of growth and change. For these New Moon Circles, we will be exploring the newness that wants to make itself into our realities. We will be doing intention setting rituals, visualizations & hot seat coaching / tarot for going into this new phase. The coaching will be laser focused on how to best go about creating your new reality over the next month. Each circle will be intuitively based with its accompanying energies so we can really reap the magic of the current planetary vibrations. We will really rise and tap into the highest realms of energy, bring it down into our being and cultivate the power to create what we want more precisely and confidently than ever.

There is an enhanced magic when you move with the energy of the moons.

The Full moons always symbolize a release of anything that comes up over the two weeks of your new moon creation process. Blocks, hindrances, insecurities, fears, worries, doubts, triggers, etc. that are in the way of you creating the intentions you set out for in the new moon will arise and come into your awareness. You may have trouble with consistently holding the vibe when there is not yet evidence to support your belief that it is working, however, this is the time that we make the clear-cut decision to keep going because rewards are just around the corner. So we will clear anything from our energy & our minds that no longer serves us during this circle. We will look at situations that have arisen and you will be coached intuitively through them so that you can move forward with a newfound sense of confidence, clarity & courage. This is the time where the full moon illuminates the darknesses that need to be cleared in order to continue on your journey of creation. We will really delve into any darkness that is showing up and light up the path to fulfillment. 

Each day, you will have the opportunity to check in with your soul circle community on Voxer, to give & receive support, to ask questions about anything coming up for you, to work through triggers with a trusted set of like minds & hearts, to share your successes that others might not understand in this world of energy & spiritual growth. I will also be in the group chat daily checking in with everyone, giving fun surprise prompts that ignite your fire within, giving surprise alignment practices or challenges to complete that will be designed to amplify & enhance your reality creation powers and other fun surprises that I won't give away here! 

Each day, you will also be receiving the Daily Dose Texts that always go along with the energy & vibes of the planet on that day. You will receive energetic updates, journal prompts, mantras, etc. These messages will alert you to new YouTube videos that are also in flow with the current energy & vibe. 

Each new & full moon circle, you will be receiving Soul Work PDFs to take you deeper into your own self awareness, intuitive / psychic abilities, energetic awareness and reality creation enhancers. 

You will also get your own personal 90 minute intensive that can include either intuitive coaching, angel communication or tarot cards. These intensives are designed to help you come into your own awareness, power & intuitive self leadership. This can be scheduled at anytime during our 3 months together.  

In this mastermind, you will also have access to exclusive discounts on select services of mine that can truly amplify your energy and consciousness even further! Tarot readings, PDF readings, Soul Alignment sessions, the upcoming Soul & Self program, etc. 

You won't want to miss all the magic that has already been set in motion for those who join. 


New Moon Intentions & Magic


Full Moon Celebrations & Release 


New Moon Intentions & Magic



Full Moon Celebrations & Release



New Moon Intentions & Magic


Full Moon Celebrations & Release

* There will be an optional Witchy Wine Hour following each call!

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6 Biweekly New & Full Moon Circles

6 Biweekly Soul Work PDFs

Daily Dose Membership

Voxer Group Chat

90 Minute Soul Aligned Intensive

15% Discount on Select Services

Some fun surprises along your journey

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