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Lately, every single piece of everything I've been learning over the past 15 years of my life has been coming together, integrating + 'clicking' to where I no longer just conceptually believe the things I'm sharing, 


I'm fully knowing them in my body, mind + soul.


For so long, I have tried so hard to understand it all solely through the mind and create from that. And some amazing things, I will say, have manifested into my world and have really opened up my life in so many magical ways. I have created a really beautiful reality so far and I get to do things daily that I absolutely love + adore. I can definitely attest that to my study + practice of law of attraction over the years.


However, a lot of it came through only after a lot of stress, resistance, trying to figure it out, worry + doubtarose within me often. It was always when I finally released it all and surrendered to the moment that the desires flowed through. Even then, the manifestations were few + scarce. I couldn't replicate those moments no matter how hard I tried. I experienced a lot of emotional whiplash from creating such extraordinary things and then suddenly, taint it all with my mental stories, programs + fears and eventually, it would all fall apart and lead me into waves of circumstantial depression.


Can we guess what the pattern was here?



Well, there are many. I started to rely on these extraordinary manifestations for my sense of self to survive. And if something went awry, I automatically started to blame the world for it all and became a victim of my circumstances which, inevitably, lead to more circumstances falling apart. Resistance would grow, resentment would build, heart would close and it all got worse.


I was thinking about all of this spiritual woo - woo stuff as real but I wasn't practicing it as real. I would only allow myself to practice it as far as I was comfortable, see some things improve in my reality + then drop my power again when the reality I kept trying to rely on crumbled before my very eyes. But it only crumbled because I wasn't truly embodied in the things I 'believed'. I was doing it from a place of needing something to change rather than for the growth + expansion as consciousness experiencing itself through human life therefore...



I fell out of my power.


I fell out of my unconditional alignment.


I fell out of my practice of presence.


I fell out of the space to see + shift my thoughts.


I fell out of access to that ever present stream of well-being.


My mind compounded itself over + over again into the tighest, ugliest knots that continued to drop my energy lower + lower until I couldn't 

see any way out.


I felt powerless.


I felt alone.


I felt completely hopeless.


This is a pattern I've played out many times before until I decided I was ready to transcend it. I had to commit to this thing called life no matter how uncomfortable it made me, no matter how scared I was, no matter that I had no idea how anything was going to better.


I committed to the daily practice of everything I've learned on my spiritual journey but the most profound practice that has changed everything for me is the practice of immense presence. This entails creating space in the mind by watching each thought as it passes without attaching to it, without believing it as real, without emotional reactions arising. I was in one of those dark moments of the soul as I really poured myself into this practice and what I noticed was a lot of dark, anxious, fear ridden thoughts all the time. And as I became present with my energy, I noticed a lot of tightness, intense fear + panic, great anxiety about everything.


I knew that I had to begin the process of inner alchemy 

in order to transcend it all.


I started to notice mental + emotional reactions to unideal circumstances.. the resistance, the stories, the judgements, the worries, the fears, etc. I noticed just how much I was seeing through the lens of ego that kept on keeping on. I had to breathe through it all + let it be. I then started to notice as I practiced the energetic clearing each time I felt tightness in my body, it became easier to do each time.


And then some weeks + months went on like that, just clearing + opening my energy while coming back to the present moment.


And then something magical happened..


Every single circumstance became neutral. I would be suddenly in ease doing something I normally had resistance to. I would be suddenly at peace doing something I normally didn't enjoy doing but had to be done. I would be suddenly relaxed about everything even though the day 

had a lot of triggers in it.


No longer was any of it a 'problem' my mind thought it had to fix.


I developed a great ability to transcend everything that isn't a vibrational match of who I'm becoming to effortlessly rise into the vibrational match of who I'm becoming.


The inner knowings started to be revealed within me + I knew I could finally relax because it became very clear to me that everything is always unfolding perfectly for our highest evolution + expansion in self + reality. That I'm actually encoding my reality based on the energy I'm emitting at any given time. 


Now, I'm building the momentum in the energy of ease, bliss, joy, love + abundance. I transcend things everyday because I understand how my relationship to my energy + my reality is the way through anything.


Since that very real moment I had to decide + commit to live this life + unbecome everything that the past has conditioned me to become while becoming more of who I really am as consciousness, literally everything has shifted within + without.


Every area of my life just continues to improve because the quality of my energy is improving moment by moment. I'm making tiny shifts in each moment, I'm choosing to come back to myself in each moment, I'm dismantling + dissolving every story, fear, limitation + pattern in each moment, I'm transmuting the dense energies + releasing them from my body, I'm releasing the resistance.


And effortlessly, I'm rising.


And I desire so much to support you in your rising.


It is not about me 'coaching' you to success or to your desired life. It is about transmitting the expansion that I'm experiencing straight to you through the conversations we have, the practices we practice, the energy we clear + the coming back to yourself that will naturally occur as you learn to do this work for yourself.


It's about a complete attunement to your own soul signature frequency + a tapping into the infinite stream of well being that exists only in this moment each moment, the quantum field where all things are possible. But you can't know it to be true without experiencing it for yourself so I don't want to teach it to you, I want to support you in the daily experience of this so you can know if for yourself, in your bones, in your core, in your embodiment.


I'm currently inviting three beautiful souls into my new 1:1 container,




Where we will do this work to realign your entire energetic field to move with the flow of life, joy, bliss, ease, beauty + expansion.


Everything you're currently experiencing hardship + suffering around, you will transcend + start to experience immediate relief. We will be releasing it all so you can effortlessly elevate into all you came here to be.


2 Zoom Calls - 90 min

This is where we will do some deep dive work together, we will shift your energy right then + there on the call, we will realign + open your energy, we will move through some powerful processes to encode these transformations within.


2 Weeks of Daily Voxer Mentorship

This is where you get to plug into the vibe of moment to moment energetic clearing + expansion. When something comes up, we shift it in real time as it's happening. This is how you gain familiarity with the practice so you can begin to do this on your own. The little shifts start to turn into bigger shifts the more often you practice it in the moment.


The price for this is currently $777

It will eventually land at $1111


If you're one of the beautiful souls 

this was created for, I'm here babe! 


Let's do it!


Message me on insta + we'll chat!


Either way, know I am grateful for you out here on earth doing the work to shift, evolve, elevate + expand. You're very much needed as humanity evolves into who + what we all really are as consciousness, pieces of the divine + part of the whole.


With love + light always,

Nichoel Ann